White Label Program

Seven Star FX White Label Program is one of the most efficient and effective cost saving program available for banks, financial institutions (FIs) and other corporates. It enables the users to access with immense and high- trading industry in the world.

Becoming a White Label with Seven Star FX is easy and un-complicated. It helps the individual or investment firm to establish their own brand name with their own company logo which means the opportunity to grow is tremendous. It will help you to concentrate on the other area of your business as our White Label Program is easy, hassle free and economical. Our user-friendly White Label Program helps the user to manage their clients’ accounts and whereby you can provide them with back office and operational environment.

  • MT4 Platform
  • Access to various trading instruments
  • Back office operations
  • Tight spread
  • No price manipulations
  • Price and liquidity feeds

Seven Star FX White Label Program is based on a comprehensive, precise and integrated approach, which supports clients that makes the transition which not only delivers the capability but also the confidence. That helps the users or partners needs to deliver and manage the best quality FX business without fulfilling the regulatory needs and environment.

Our business approach, is fair and transparent, which provides the world class trading environment for your traders, whereby we also assist them to manage their risk effectively. It helps the users to enable their clients’ rights, and live price feed with the best analyst report, support services and technology. While all this stuff can be a major problem and challenge to pace up, becoming our White Label can overcome all these barriers. If all these needs suits you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

For more details call us on +1 316 413 3777 or fill in the below inquiry form and we will contact you soon.