The PAMM System (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is unique set of FX and OTC trading accounts which enable the Users / Investors to manage their own funds and also allow them to manage the capital of others. The PAMM System helps the traders to invest in others trading account.

Hence, the Investors use this type of account as a tool for profit making. All investments and transactions, with the PAMM System, are highly controlled and regulated by Seven Star FX; that ensures safety, transparency and record of all operations.

Traders Profit Ratio is allocated to traders Investments (considering their profit and loss) according to their Capital Ratio. A PAMM Accounts are divided into PAMM Investors Accounts and PAMM Traders Accounts.


Let’s see, how the profit ratio is calculated. Now, we have 3 traders, who invest money as shown below.

Trader 1

Amount Allocated: $3,50,000
  • Currency: 40% i.e $1,40,000
  • Global Indices and Stocks: 60% i.e $ 2,10,000

Trader 2

Amount Allocated: $7,00,000
  • Currency: 40% i.e $2,80,000
  • Global Indices and Stocks: 60% i.e $4,20,000

Trader 3

Amount Allocated: $10,50,000
  • Currency: 40% i.e $4,20,000
  • Global Indices and Stocks: 60% i.e $6,30,000

So, the total amount invested is $ 21, 00,000. The profit allocation ratio is same according to their capital ratio, which is shown below:

  • Traders 1 Ratio: 16.67%
  • Traders 2 Ratio: 33.33%
  • Traders 3 Ratio: 50.00%

For PAMM Traders we offer a unique combination of Innovation, Transparency and Fast execution. They can accept the investment from various traders in just one account.

  • Ability to manage multi-accounts with one Trading Platform
  • Calculation of Performance Fee Functionality
  • An option to add or remove funds anytime
  • Fast fund allocation between managed accounts
  • Exceptional availability to accept/decline new managed accounts

Presently, Seven Star FX uses the best technology system for the traders and investors worldwide. However, we don’t stop integrating our system for the improvement to match the industry standard that allow us to guarantee our clients rich experience and superior standard of service for world class trading experience.

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