Seven Star FX Partner Program


About Seven Star FX

Seven Star FX is an established and leading online trading Forex broker that enables the institutional clients and their end customers with a decade of experience. We have approximately 100+ products that include Forex Spot Currencies, Energies, Spot Metals, Global Indices and US Stocks. With the liquidity from various tier-1 global banks and access to award winning MT4 trading platform, the clients benefit from real time price, instant execution, economical spread and no hidden fees.

Our Four Pillars
Speed, Reliability & Transparency

We at Seven Star FX, follow the principle of accuracy, authority and transparency in each and every transaction involved in the forex trading. Hence, the traders across the world choose our trading platform.

Fast Withdrawal, Best Economical Spread

As being one of the leading provider of FX based services in the industry, the traders can count on us for the withdrawal as it is comparatively easier than other market participants.

Risk Management & Deep Liquidity

Started in the year 2004 as a liquidity provider, we inhibit the liquidity management and provide the traders to hinder their hard earned investments. Hence, during some ambiguity events, we inform them to keep their money safe.

Best In Class Customer Services

Our Customer Service Department provides the updated services to the customers. We believe in quality and encourages our traders or visitors to contribute their queries and ideas.

What We Offer

  • Earn Commission Up to $ 10 Per Lot
  • Marketing Materials
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Extensive Monitoring and Reporting
  • Anytime Withdrawal

Trading Platforms

Web Trader
We Present you the Enthralling Trading Experience via Web Trader
Meta Trader 4 Mobile

Our MT4 Mobile Provides Real Time Price Charts for Every Instrument.

Multi Trader Platform

Single Platform Used by the PAMM

Meta Trader 4 Desktop

A Universal Favourite Choice Platform.

Who Can Become a Forex Affiliate?

In the 21st century, Affiliate Marketing is a key to most of the online business success. Affiliates are like third party controllers who refer or promote the respective brand through their own point of contact. For reference they get the profit sharing commission.  They are subject to preeminent rights than other referral partners as they control legal prohibitions and requirement that safeguard them with any sort of insider trading and can track the visitor’s information with any false misrepresentation.  There are several other parties who become Forex Web Affiliates, they are:

Personal bloggers

They are the one who acts as a powerful source of reference as they have quite inhibit popularity among the masses to influence their visitors. They have a right to market the company’s image through their own or others blogging site. For every successful referral they get paid.


Writes play an important role in online marketing business. As they can easily influence their followers and can act as a channel partner to refer the business. It is usually found that writers are the one who are indirect representation of the brand which primarily serves as “Brand Appraisal” in the media world.

Website owner-min
Independent Website Owners

Another one is Individual website owners who gather a pretty good amount of traffic. Their individual personality and their own business characteristics play an important role in converting the leads into successful business. Thus, for each and every successful referral, they are paid a hefty amount.


In the virtual business, Publishers are termed as “Brand Saviour” their immense popularity gathers the good amount of traffic which later on can convert a lead into successful business. Generally speaking, publishers play a chief role in brand management and affiliate marketing.